Sunday 21st August 6.30 | Solar Energy & Pokie Machines


Solar Energy / Luke Marshall

Luke Marshall is a director at Sydney-based software firm Sunapse, developing modelling an optimisation software for the solar thermal industry. His real claim to fame presenting Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ lectures complete with lazer pointers and scissor lifts.  Luke was also a youth delegate to the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Conference, has lobbied politicians over renewable energy.

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Pokie Machines / Drew Rooke

Drew Rooke is a non-fiction writer who is currently knee deep in his debut novel The Final Spin, which examines Australia’s longstanding affair with poker machines. Drew has looked at the culture of poker machines from all angles tracing the history, analysing the design and recording addiction stories. Drew’s writing appears in The Saturday Paper, The Sydney Morning Herald, Meanjin, Voiceworks and Junkee. His book will be published by Scribe Publications in 2018.


Sunday 5th June 6.30 |Contemporary Chinese Art & Storytelling in Science


Contemporary Chinese Art / Jason Phu

Jason Phu is an emerging artist who currently splits his time between Sydney and Chongqing. Self-proclaimed Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Australian his work deals with mixed cultural identities and his experience of cultural dislocation. Jason will be discussing the shift from traditional to contemporary ink on paper.

Storytelling in Science / Bish Marzook

Bish Marzook is a comedian, writer and scientist. For the Vivid edition of Two Up, Bish will be shaking up science in a big way. From microscopes and beakers to patterns and storytelling. She will show that science is not as resistant to irrational human behavior as you might expect.



Sunday 21st Feburary 6.30 pm | Paramedics & 2016 US Presidential Election


Paramedics / Janelle White

Intensive Care Paramedic Janelle White has been riding with NSW Ambulance and have been for 9 years with NSW Ambulance. As an academic at UTAS Janelle will bring her expertise and on the group experience to delight you with tales both gory and great. 

2016 US Presidential Election / Dougal Robinson

US politics obsessive Dougal Robinson will discuss the 2016 US election – primaries, nominees, candidates and the electoral college – and argue that Donald Trump remains unlikely to become the next President of the United States.


Sunday 29th November 7pm / Unemployment Economics & Digital Cinema


Unemployment Economics / Eliza Owen

Eliza Owen, economic reporter for FBi Radio and OnTheHouse, talking the economics of unemployment and telling us why the rent is too damn high. Here to discuss the future of work, unemployment and all the other jobs that inevitably comes in between.

Digital Cinema / Bruce Isaacs

Dr Bruce Isaacs, writer, lecturer, and strong contender for World’s Most Likeable Film Scholar, will wax poetic on milestones in digital cinema; from Jurassic Park to The Great Gatsby. Here to question our relationship with the digital image and unveil the reality behind the magic we take for granted.


Sunday 27th September 6pm / Idea Bombing & Craft Beer


Idea Bombine / Dan IllicThe ubiquitous Dan Illic has been making you laugh and then making you think on your radio/television/computer screen and maybe even on stage, potentially without you even realizing it. He is the man behind A Rational Fear, Hungry Beast and most recently held the title of Senior Satire producer at AJ+. He will be coming to Two Up to teach us how to make content that changes minds.

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Craft Beer / Oscar McMahon

Bringing the art back to brewing beer, Oscar McMahon is half the force behind Sydney’s very own Young Henry’s. He will be coming to Two Up with an ‘ale’ or two to tell about the making of craft beer. He may even share with you some ‘larger’ stories about how craft beer has changed tune around our local watering holes.


Sunday 26th July 6 pm / Drone Regulation & Art and Amusement Parks


Drone Regulations / Ben Brooks

Fresh faced from a global conference on unmanned aerial vehicles in Switzerland, Ben Brooks will hone in on all the things you have never even considered about flying drones. The words laws and regulations never seemed so exciting when they are in the same melting pot as ethics or surveillance.

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Art & Amuseument Parks / Zanny Begg

As amusement parks keep around town keep shutting down, artist and curator Zanny Begg believes their memory has inspired generations of local artists. From the grotesque and obscure to the psychedelic and adrenaline fuelled. Let’s take a trip back to your childhood to the rollercoasters, the haunted houses and the large variety of food you can get on a stick.


Sunday 31st May 6pm / Public Art & Slow Media


 Public Art / Chris Fox

Chris Fox creates playful installations, which tease out new meanings from everyday objects and shapes. With a background in architecture he designs sculptures, displaying a keen awareness of the spaces they occupy. Operating in a number of different fields, Fox embraces the possibilities that public art allows.

Slow Media / Megan Le Masurier.

If you argue that print is dead, you could soon have Dr. Megan Le Masurier to deal with. An articulate defender of slow journalism, she uses her insight and experience in the magazine industry to exalt the medium as a creative force. While rapid innovations in the digital environment get most of the attention, print media has staged a comeback and Le Masurier will explain why.

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Sunday 29th March 6pm / Disco & Dead Languages


 Carlo Ritchie / Dead Languages
Improvisational linguistics tutor by day and improvisational comedian by night, Sydney-based storyteller Carlo Ritchie is one half of The Bear Pack and one half of your educational experience for the evening. Ritchie will talk to you about the languages that no one actually speaks anymore, and the ways of the tongue that have been lost to history, like Planking or Myspace.

Rebecca Sheehan / Disco.
An expert in music history from Elvis’ swinging torso to Britney’s Shaven Head Phase, Dr. Rebecca Sheehan takes us deep inside the dark corners the Disco dance floor with her intimate knowledge of subcultures rarely seen and rarely discussed. A regular segment presenter on FBi’s ‘Up For It’ programme, Rebecca will bring her thoughts on gender and race in pop music to the Two Up forum.


Sunday 30th November 6pm / Spoken Word Poetry & Psychedelic Support


Miles Merrill / Spoken Word PoetryThe pioneer of poetry slam in Australia, Miles Merrill is a committed member of the spoken word scene Down Under. Hailing from Chicago he has delivered his own brand of poetry alongside other legends such as Saul Williams and Shane Kocyzan, and developed a myriad of programs and festivals for aspiring Australian wordsmiths. Whether it be performing in the Sydney Opera House or educating kids on the joy and benefits of poetry, Miles brings a unique and informative voice to the stage.

Zevic Mishor / Psychedelic SupportAfter providing psychedelic support for the patrons of Boom Festival in Portugal, Zevic Mishor saw the need for a formalised document on how to help those in trouble. Combining his background in neuroscience and psychology he has learnt to aid people stuck in psychedelic limbo using techniques which focus on empathetic responses. A PHD candidate at the University of Sydney, he compiles the available knowledge on facilitating the necessary support services, and collates it into the ‘Manual of Psychedelic Support’ project.

Sunday 21st September 6pm / Trash Cinema and Southern American Cooking

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.47.56 PM

Josh Wheatley / Trash CinemaSydney Uni PHD candidate Josh Wheatley takes us into the world of Trash Cinema – think straight to VHS releases, John Waters pencil moustache and lower budgets than B grade. Having just completed a PHD on the topic, Josh bring academia to the atrocious – shedding new light on Z-grade, microbudget and grind-house films.
Andrew Levins / Southern American CookingEqual parts DJ, chef, writer and dad, Andrew Levins brought burgers back to Sydney in a big way as head chef and co owner of The Dip (nes-tled in the Front Bar of GoodGod small club) and his published cookbook Diner. An expert on all things slow roasted, he talks Southern American cooking and the culture, every-thing that goes with it.