Sunday 21st Feburary 6.30 pm | Paramedics & 2016 US Presidential Election


Paramedics / Janelle White

Intensive Care Paramedic Janelle White has been riding with NSW Ambulance and have been for 9 years with NSW Ambulance. As an academic at UTAS Janelle will bring her expertise and on the group experience to delight you with tales both gory and great. 

2016 US Presidential Election / Dougal Robinson

US politics obsessive Dougal Robinson will discuss the 2016 US election – primaries, nominees, candidates and the electoral college – and argue that Donald Trump remains unlikely to become the next President of the United States.


Sunday 29th November 7pm / Unemployment Economics & Digital Cinema


Unemployment Economics / Eliza Owen

Eliza Owen, economic reporter for FBi Radio and OnTheHouse, talking the economics of unemployment and telling us why the rent is too damn high. Here to discuss the future of work, unemployment and all the other jobs that inevitably comes in between.

Digital Cinema / Bruce Isaacs

Dr Bruce Isaacs, writer, lecturer, and strong contender for World’s Most Likeable Film Scholar, will wax poetic on milestones in digital cinema; from Jurassic Park to The Great Gatsby. Here to question our relationship with the digital image and unveil the reality behind the magic we take for granted.


Sunday 26th July 6 pm / Drone Regulation & Art and Amusement Parks


Drone Regulations / Ben Brooks

Fresh faced from a global conference on unmanned aerial vehicles in Switzerland, Ben Brooks will hone in on all the things you have never even considered about flying drones. The words laws and regulations never seemed so exciting when they are in the same melting pot as ethics or surveillance.

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Art & Amuseument Parks / Zanny Begg

As amusement parks keep around town keep shutting down, artist and curator Zanny Begg believes their memory has inspired generations of local artists. From the grotesque and obscure to the psychedelic and adrenaline fuelled. Let’s take a trip back to your childhood to the rollercoasters, the haunted houses and the large variety of food you can get on a stick.