Sunday 30th November 6pm / Spoken Word Poetry & Psychedelic Support


Miles Merrill / Spoken Word PoetryThe pioneer of poetry slam in Australia, Miles Merrill is a committed member of the spoken word scene Down Under. Hailing from Chicago he has delivered his own brand of poetry alongside other legends such as Saul Williams and Shane Kocyzan, and developed a myriad of programs and festivals for aspiring Australian wordsmiths. Whether it be performing in the Sydney Opera House or educating kids on the joy and benefits of poetry, Miles brings a unique and informative voice to the stage.

Zevic Mishor / Psychedelic SupportAfter providing psychedelic support for the patrons of Boom Festival in Portugal, Zevic Mishor saw the need for a formalised document on how to help those in trouble. Combining his background in neuroscience and psychology he has learnt to aid people stuck in psychedelic limbo using techniques which focus on empathetic responses. A PHD candidate at the University of Sydney, he compiles the available knowledge on facilitating the necessary support services, and collates it into the ‘Manual of Psychedelic Support’ project.