Sunday 29th March 6pm / Disco & Dead Languages


 Carlo Ritchie / Dead Languages
Improvisational linguistics tutor by day and improvisational comedian by night, Sydney-based storyteller Carlo Ritchie is one half of The Bear Pack and one half of your educational experience for the evening. Ritchie will talk to you about the languages that no one actually speaks anymore, and the ways of the tongue that have been lost to history, like Planking or Myspace.

Rebecca Sheehan / Disco.
An expert in music history from Elvis’ swinging torso to Britney’s Shaven Head Phase, Dr. Rebecca Sheehan takes us deep inside the dark corners the Disco dance floor with her intimate knowledge of subcultures rarely seen and rarely discussed. A regular segment presenter on FBi’s ‘Up For It’ programme, Rebecca will bring her thoughts on gender and race in pop music to the Two Up forum.