What’s the deal with Two Up?

I have long held onto the idea that the arts have this unique power to connect with all people on a very individual, yet universal level, all in the same moment. But I have begrudgingly come to the realisation that this idealistic vision of artistic power and communication is definitely not the reality. Most of the time, artists are just speaking to artists. Effectively, preaching to the converted.

I started noticing people around me saying things like

‘I am not an arty person’
‘That’s not for me’
‘I just don’t understand that.’

Young, educated people, have already managed to build up walls between them and artistic experiences because they’re too intimidated. It just seems too hard.

When I heard about Adam Lerner and a series of talks called Mixed Tastes, which he ran at The Lab in Denver, a city in the US, which was, as he referred to it, devoid of any civic culture, I was inspired.

The way I see it, everybody loves learning
Whether you’re mechanics or surfing or photography it’s great, it’s exciting. So I really wanted to pull the stick out of the arse of education.
When did it stop being fun?
When did we stop asking questions?!
Why should you have to enroll in a course to learn about cooking or trash cinema?

That’s pretty much the idea that got the ball rolling, and now with Work Shop on board, here we are. Less than month out from our first round of Two Up!